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Brush On Block SPF 30 Powder Sunscreen Duo, 0.12 oz

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Elevate your sun protection routine with the Brush On Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen Duo, a dynamic duo that combines convenience with effective sun defense. This set, featuring two 0.12 oz portable brushes, redefines on-the-go sun care, ensuring you can maintain a sun-safe and flawless complexion wherever your adventures take you. Brush On Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen is a revolutionary approach to sun protection, offering a mess-free, powder-based formula that is both easy to apply and reapply throughout the day.

The lightweight and translucent powder effortlessly blends into your skin, leaving a matte finish without the greasy residue often associated with traditional sunscreens. Each brush in this duo is equipped with ultra-soft bristles for a luxurious application experience. The finely milled mineral powder provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, guarding your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. With an SPF 30 rating, it offers reliable defense without compromising on the aesthetic aspects of your skincare routine.

This compact and travel-friendly duo ensures that you have sun protection at your fingertips, literally. Toss one in your purse, gym bag, or beach tote for quick and easy touch-ups whenever needed. The mineral-based formula is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is free from common irritants. Experience the fusion of sun protection and convenience with the Brush On Block SPF 30 Mineral Powder Sunscreen Duo. Embrace a sun-safe lifestyle without compromising on style and enjoy the confidence of knowing your skin is shielded against the sun’s harmful rays, anytime, anywhere.

Body Area

Face, neck, arms and back of hands

Skin Type

All Skin Types

SPF Rating

SPF 30


2 pack

Container size:

12 Oz

Sun Protection Factor (SPF):


5 reviews for Brush On Block SPF 30 Powder Sunscreen Duo, 0.12 oz

  1. Kelsey Ross

    I’m a millennial and growing up all we had (at least to my knowledge) was liquid sunscreen. I hated everything about it: the texture, the smell, and the look of the white cast (but everyone seems to hate that). I wouldn’t wear sunscreen unless someone else put it on me, and even then, I’d grump the whole time. Fortunately I’m olive skinned and rarely used to burn, but unfortunately I’m getting older and I apparently burn easier now. Of course I’d also like to protect against skin cancer and aging.I mentioned needing to buy sunscreen for the first time in my life (obviously my parents bought it when I was a kid and I just straight up never bought any until now because I hated it and wouldn’t wear it) to my sister who is so white she’ll burn just at the mention of sun. She had the brilliant idea of using a makeup setting powder or powdered foundation with SPF and that’s how I came across Colorescience’s powdered sunscreen, but balked at the price. When looking for alternatives, I came across this which, in addition to being more affordable, has the added benefits of being translucent, refillable, and FSA eligible.This sunscreen does it for me in every way I can think of. The texture didn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact, it feels kinda nice to run the brush over my skin. My super sniffer detects absolutely no smell at all, which I highly prefer even over “pleasant” smells. No white cast. It doesn’t bother my eczema/sensitive skin even though it doesn’t have the NEA seal (highly recommend, btw). It also doesn’t bother my asthma like my sister warned against with spray sunscreens. I figured there’s no way this would be water resistant but lo and behold, it’s got that covered, too. I think the packaging is even elegant: great design and colors…not that that really matters.Expiration dates: don’t forget about them like I did. I originally ordered the single with two eco refills for the best price per volume, but the expiration date was 23 months out. There’s no way I’d use it all by then. So then I replaced it with just the single, which had an expiration date 30 months out. Maybe the singles with two eco refills are less popular so they sit around for longer, accounting for the sooner expiration date. Something to keep in mind.

  2. Marie

    great alternative to greasy face lotion

  3. Chloe Hadzi-Pesic

    I use this on my kids daily for quick trips out of the house (not for a full sun beach day).

  4. Josh

    I have acne prone skin and zinc oxide is a fantastic ingredient for both skincare and sun protection. I’ve been using various forms of SPF, and the last “translucent” zinc oxide sunscreen still leaves whitecast on my face. This WAS a little tricky to get the hang of at first, and its a little on the pricey side, but it blends in really well and makes me look a little bit more tan. I “tested” it today by taking a short brisk walk in the unforgiving Arizona sun. Lo and behold, no sunburn whatsoever. Going forward, I have a feeling that I’m going to be using this versus the standard greasy sunscreens. This is by far the most money I’ve spent on a thing of sunscreen before, but it goes on powdery and it isn’t really noticeable at all. I’ve also noticed that this somehow makes skin imperfections look significantly less visible, so its kind of like make up (I’m a dude just for reference, so I know nothing about this area haha). Overall, I’m really glad that I stumbled across this because this is for sure a game changer. I’ll upload some pictures here in the next few days to show how it’s working out.

  5. Sweet Carolyne

    I wanted to share my happiness with this product as a parent to a sensitive 5 year old boy who has had to put sunblock on for a few years now. We live in CA and have had a brutal heatwave during the summer. It’s been so sunny and sunblock is a necessity. I have ordered and tried EVERY sunblock imaginable and this is the only one my son will ALLOW me to put on without complaining. I cannot stress how important this is to us and we ordered the purple one first but it was not refillable. This one is so we ordered this plus a refill set. My 2 year old lost our new bottle after I just refilled it so here I ordered this again because I am sick of the complaints of oily skin and rubbing too much and so on. This is a quick application and I am able to get my kiddos out the door. Now I do not know if it works with water play as well as regular sunblock, but we aren’t ALWAYS in the water so this should be just fine. Good luck mama’s!

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Brush On Block SPF 30 Powder Sunscreen Duo, 0.12 oz
Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $45.00.
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