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Clear Bind Hair Ties

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Introducing our Clear Ponytail Ropes – a comprehensive pack of 1000 versatile and essential rubber bands for all your hairstyling needs. Specifically designed for women and girls, these elastic bands serve as binders, ties, and styling tools, elevating your hair game with ease. Experience a secure and reliable hold that makes these bands perfect for creating various hairstyles, from classic ponytails to intricate

The clear design adds a subtle and discreet touch to your hair, ensuring a seamless blend with any style. Crafted with durable materials, these rubber bands are built to withstand everyday use, making them essential hair accessories for daily styling or professional salon use. With a generous quantity in each pack, you’ll have an abundant supply to meet your hairstyling demands for an extended period.

Upgrade your hair accessories collection with our Clear Ponytail Ropes – the go-to choice for effortless hairstyling and boundless creativity. Whether you’re a stylist or simply love experimenting with different looks, this pack of 1000 offers endless possibilities for achieving the perfect hairstyle every time.



200Pcs, 500Pcs, 1000Pcs


Elastic Hair Bands








1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch

5 reviews for Clear Bind Hair Ties

  1. Adella Tarry

    Elastic bands transparent, reliable. At first small, and it feels very tight, but this is only before stretching, then it becomes more elastic.

  2. Lanie Edwin

    Skvělé, bála jsem se že Po prvním použití prasknou a vydrží třeba Týden či déle

  3. Patty Balser

    The eraser is super cool thicker than the cheaper ones… Extra

  4. Alfredo Lamanna

    I order 1000 pcs and got the exact amount! ( maybe more I don’t know)

  5. Alpha Um

    small but strong..nearly delivery

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Clear Bind Hair Ties
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