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Facial Ice Cube Tray

(6 customer reviews)

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Introducing our Facial Ice Cube Tray – the refreshing twist to your skincare routine that combines the soothing power of ice therapy with customizable convenience. Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this innovative tray allows you to create your own refreshing ice cubes tailored for a rejuvenating facial experience.

Simply fill the tray with your favorite skin-loving ingredients – whether it’s infused water, soothing aloe vera, or a blend of botanical extracts – and let it freeze into invigorating cubes. The possibilities are endless, empowering you to personalize your skincare regimen like never before.

Each cube becomes a mini spa treatment, effortlessly gliding across your skin, reducing puffiness, and awakening a natural radiance. The cool sensation stimulates circulation, leaving your complexion revitalized and glowing. The compact size of the tray makes it easy to store in your freezer, ensuring a refreshing treat is always at your fingertips.



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6 reviews for Facial Ice Cube Tray

  1. Aasiyah Haney

    I arrive before time, in perfect condition I still do not test it but it is the same as in the picture, correct size, good quality material

  2. Lanie Edwin

    Extremely fast shipping and quality is awesome. Great idea for gifts

  3. Nour Hartman

    Extremely fast shipping and quality is awesome. Great idea for gifts

  4. Dieter Krist

    They look very good, the water does not come out when filling them, it will be necessary to see that such is the result later

  5. Lelah Pelosi

    Great tool for bruises and your daily routine

  6. Verline Cordon

    it looks good. A little bigger than I imagined.

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Facial Ice Cube Tray
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