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Malibu Tan Hemp Golden Glow 18oz

(5 customer reviews)

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Step into the realm of opulence and elevate your radiance with the exquisite Malibu Tan’s Hemp Golden Glow Bronzing Moisturizer with Skin Firming. More than just a skincare essential, this luxurious formula transcends the ordinary, offering your skin a lavish experience infused with the rejuvenating power of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and the transformative magic of hemp. Envelop your skin in a cocoon of deep nourishment as you indulge in the indulgent embrace of Malibu Tan’s expertly crafted moisturizer. The inclusion of CoQ10, a potent antioxidant, adds a layer of sophistication to the formula, providing your skin with the care it deserves.

As this moisturizer becomes a part of your daily ritual, witness the remarkable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and feel your skin’s smoothness reaching new heights. But it doesn’t stop there – the transformative power of hemp takes center stage in this formula, offering more than just hydration. Malibu Tan’s Hemp Golden Glow Lotion is designed to go beyond the ordinary, working to enhance the overall quality of your skin with each application. Watch as your skin gradually takes on a subtle, golden glow, an effervescent radiance that intensifies beautifully over time. The indulgence doesn’t end with the formulation; Malibu Tan’s commitment to a seamless and luxurious experience is reflected in the elegant 18-ounce pump dispenser.

Effortlessly dispense the golden elixir, turning your skincare routine into a ritual of sheer indulgence. This isn’t just a moisturizer; it’s your path to luminous, youthful-looking skin with a flawless golden glow. Malibu Tan’s Hemp Golden Glow Bronzing Moisturizer with Skin Firming isn’t merely a skincare product – it’s an invitation to embrace the decadence of radiant skin. Let each application be a moment of self-care, a journey toward skin that not only looks radiant but feels luxuriously nurtured. Your pursuit of luminosity begins here, where the golden glow meets the sophistication of CoQ10 and the transformative essence of hemp. Indulge in the radiance, embrace the opulence – Malibu Tan awaits to elevate your skincare experience to new heights.

Skin Care Key Benefits

Ultra Moisturizing


Banana Strawberry Coconut

Body Part


Assembled Product Weight

1.312 lbs


Non-Greasy, Scented

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

1.50 x 3.50 x 8.00 Inches

5 reviews for Malibu Tan Hemp Golden Glow 18oz

  1. Omer WaleedOmer Waleed

    Nice impression from day 1. Came in perfect condition. Sealed and high quality packing. Performing well so far as per the description. Higly recommended for the tan lovers and for glowing moisturizers. 10 by 10.

  2. Kate Sigler

    I use for face as sun is not good on face – but this keeps me from being too pale in summer. Very good product!

  3. Sherry

    Very satisfied, best product for a quick natural looking experience

  4. Mary Kanekkeberg

    Product came in perfect condition

  5. toni white

    Love it, results noticeable in about week

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Malibu Tan Hemp Golden Glow 18oz
Original price was: $28.99.Current price is: $19.99.
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